Thing 7: Online exhibitions

I wasn’t a massive fan of this week’s thing (sorry!) – that’s why it’s taken so long to do. I was a CMS admin for my library’s previous website and regularly produced and curated content. I managed our service’s Archive of the Month – which in essence was an online exhibition. Sadly the Archive of the Month feature is no longer online since we switched to Drupal – we now feature archives on our social media channels (which see more traffic than our website). I had a play around with the Portfolios feature on WordPress but found it frustratingly unintuitive, compared to using my service’s content management system (Alterian) which was tailored for our service. I can see how using a blogging platform such as WordPress would be beneficial for a dedicated ‘project’ website such as the It’s A Long Way To Tipperary project, but I wouldn’t use it for an online exhibition of images and words, as it’s directing traffic away from your service’s website.

I decided to keep it simple and re-use part of an exhibition that I produced for Archives & Local Studies this summer. We have a flat screen television next to our enquiry desk which we use to promote our extensive photograph collection. It’s a popular feature in the library for informal engagement, as locals love to reminisce over old photos and talk about how much (or how little!) the area has changed.

I chose a simple grid gallery, with each image linking back to our photo website, which patrons can order high quality digital or hard copies through.


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