Thing 2: Update

It’s been quite a while! It turns out it’s quite difficult to work full time while planning a wedding so blogging completely fell by the wayside, which is a shame as I’ve undertaken some really interesting CPD since becoming chartered last year.

The most exciting piece of CPD has to have been attending my first MmIT conference last September. The two day conference was all about Digital Citizenship and the library’s role in this. I learned a lot about releasing and reusing library data, digital privacy and identity, apps and resources to support digital inclusion, and hacking. I’m really passionate about digital inclusion and access so this was a great opportunity for me to develop my knowledge.

Training-wise, over the past few months I’ve attended training on welcoming dyslexic readers and communicating with visually impaired library users. More recently I also attended a session on autism awareness as part of World Autism Awareness Week.

I looked over my initial PKSB from the start of chartership, and am trying to tie up some loose ends and undertake tasks that didn’t make it into the final submission. The most exciting one being setting up an online reading group! A few years ago I established a reading group specifically for people in their 20s and 30s, as we tend to lose a lot of library users in this age group, until they have little ones to bring to Bookbug sessions! The numbers dwindled so much (due to childcare issues and work commitments) that the group had to be disbanded. I thought an online reading group may be the answer, as it would allow busy parents or shift workers to discuss the book at a time that suits them, from the comfort of their own home (hopefully glass of wine in hand). It’s going to launch in the next couple of weeks.

Another great CPD activity that I’ve just embarked upon is Rudai23. I’ve wanted to do this course for quite a while, and I’ll be using this blog to reflect on what I learn!


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